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Are you trying to find the right words?

Working Magic provides writing services.  If you have an idea in your head or a book in your heart, we can help you get it out of there and into the form that will reach your target audience.  We write ad copy, articles, books, curriculum, and more.  Most important, we help you find focus to communicate your ideas in a meaningful, relevant, memorable way.

We work with clients at three levels:

Full Service Writing (“Ghost Writing”)

We write an entire book, article, or other work of nonfiction on your behalf.  We work with you to capture your ideas and your voice, then create the written work for you.  Your name goes on the finished manuscript.

Constructive Collaboration (co-authoring)

We work side by side with you to co-create your desired product, helping with research, exchanging ideas, and fine-tuning the language to say exactly what you want to say.  We can work with one or several authors, contributors, and subject matter experts.  This approach is especially good for curriculum writing and other large projects.

Writing Coaching

We provide accountability and support while you complete your writing project.  We help you stay on task, offer feedback on your work, and encourage you to get the project done.  Our clients tell us that this is where we really shine — by helping them go from “thinking about writing a book” to knowing what they want to write and how they want to write it.

Are you trying to find the right words?  Give us a call. We can help!


Full Disclosure: We are not editors, agents, or publishers, nor do we have any special relationship with any editor, agent, or publisher.  The product we help you create is a manuscript suitable for publishing, not a published work.