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So!  What brings you here?

Working Magic solves problems in three domains: strategy, curriculum, and evaluation.

In all three, the goal is the same — to identify and change the behavior of people in your organization to be more positive and more productive.  Your people are your most valuable asset when they are working well, and your most crippling liability when they are not. No matter what your people need to know or be able to do to make your organization successful, we can help you lead them to understand better and care more about their work.

You’ve probably heard the popular definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.”  The way we have trained in the past does not work now.  It’s not enough to put people through a certain number of “contact hours” or run surveys that ask how much they liked the experience.  People development processes must be aligned with the organization’s top-level strategy, designed with modern technology and new learning styles in mind, and evaluated against meaningful metrics.

If your company is ready for a real transformation, Working Magic is ready to help!